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Friday, April 16, 2010

A fresh coat is a fresh start

This week has been school vacation so my daughter follows the same schedule for nursery school. the school took advantage of the time off and we decided to paint the interior of the school. We think the last time it was painted was around 1978, the church where the school is located had a fire and burned down around this time.
This task had a wonderful organizer, Marie, who planned out the group of volunteers each day. We were ahead of the game on Monday when we thought we would only be prepping all day, we managed to get one coat on the walls and a start on the doors. By the way, we had 10 doors to paint and thankfully we had beautiful weather to do this outside along with quality paint applying only one coat! We had to choose a color which the church approved, a very light blue on the walls with a colonial blue trim which was already there.
Thursday was the day of clean up placing everything back together. What a big difference and what a great job everyone did! Wish I had a picture to show you but we all know that a simple paint job makes a huge difference in looks and feel.

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