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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hot Chocolate Cookies

I love simple cookie recipes. My husband is a traditionalist when it comes to cookies, his favorite are my oatmeal raisin and ginger snap. I always like to try new recipes and when I do, I cannot tell him or he will always go back to those two cookies.
Opening Day at Yankee Stadium, cold, luck to get to 50 degrees, rain showers, just plain raw. I choose not to go on this day because the weather is always questionable. Usually it is a guys game where they grill in the parking lot for lunch and go to dinner at Arthur Avenue, one of our favorite Restaurants. My contribution was making cookies. I decided not to tell my husband and made Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies, a recipe that was in the Martha Stewart Food book last month. I tweaked the recipe a little bit by adding Cayenne Pepper to the recipe and also in the exterior rolling of the cookies, they did not add it and also used Chili powder. My daughter wanted to help, I had to explain to her that she had to be very careful rolling the dough and also putter the mixture on the outside, not eye contact with cayenne pepper. She did very good, and we made about 40 cookies. She wanted to try one and I had a glass of milk for her ready. The cookie has a little heat on the backside and is very tasty, but my daughter definitely drank the whole glass of milk!
When my husband tried them, he was surprised and did like them. Perfect for a cold weather day game treat to put a little heat in you.

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