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Friday, April 9, 2010

How are your allergies?

Usually my allergies are acting up so badly I am clearing out a box of tissues in record time. The forecast for allergies has been extremely high pollen count for the past week, being we have had such beautiful weather. For some reason I have had extremely little allergies, next to none! Instead, it is my husband and daughter whom have been suffering.
My daughter looks like she has a constant runny nose, sniffles and sounds congested. I am trying to only give her medicine early in the morning and when she goes to bed. It seems that the medicine I give her, Children's Benadryl, has a really good grape flavor to it, kind of like the pez candies. It makes me think of the commercials I remember seeing when I was a kid of dancing medicine bottles singing "We're not candy...even though we look so fine and dandy". Anyone else remember that commercial? Some public message to kids about taking medicine without adult supervision.
The fact that I do not have any symptoms tells me that I have had a changes with my body chemistry, supposedly happens every so many years. Or is it environmental related, exposure to plastic, a slew of possibilities.
With the weather pattern changing today, rain all day pushing the pollen down, hopefully will temporarily curb the side effects.

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