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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Opening Day at Yankee stadium

Yesterday was Opening Day at Yankee Stadium and they gave out their World Series rings. I had been working outside trying to clean up some of the tree trimmings we had done over the weekend, plant peas and clean out my lilacs around the garage. I wanted to see the opening ceremonies and was able to see the highlights on line of Matsiu receiving the ring and the team hug he received.
As for the rings, loved the jokes played on Swisher and Matsui receiving rusty rings. The real ones are pretty amazing looking. My aunt works for the company who made the rings and actually had Derek Jeter's ring in hand, do you thing I got a call to take a look at it? Nope, found out after the fact when they were shipped out. That was a bummer!
Saturday is the first Weekend home game which my husband is going with his buddies. Weather is suppose to be cold in the upper 40's with rain showers.......have fun! I usually wait until May for the fist game to go to. Glad I stayed with that decision.

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