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Monday, April 12, 2010

Productive weekend

If I had a picture, I would post it. But since I am still dealing with computer issues, I have to just paint a picture with words.
Saturday morning when attempting to start some laundry I noticed the water was loading pretty slowly into the washing machine. then when I turned on the faucet, no water. The pump has been kicking on at a very low psi and stopping at over 80 psi, we knew something needed to be checking. My husband had to not only fix one pump, but fix the backup pump that was not working at all. He managed to get both working by 1pm, amazing to me since both had issues. The gunk that was tied up in them was just ugly. Good job on his part.
The next task was prepping to take a major tree down in the back yard behind the garage. We had to clear out all of the junk around it and find new homes for the garden stakes and equipment, take wood fence down that was rotting and pull some posts out. The next day we had a friend over and got the tree down and trimmed out within two hours, impressive. My daughter managed to help picking up all of the twigs and discarding them. With this tree gone, the hemlocks have more room and there is more sun behind the garage. It may also have effected the blueberry bushes where there is more sun for them, much needed! We still have to cut up, split and stack all of the wood but the brush is gone and the tree is all in one spot.
Sunday afternoon I went to a fundraiser for Connecticut Yankee Conservation Plan, to preserve the former Nuclear site across the river from us as a nature preserve. Complex campaign with a small organization taking it on. Maine had the last decommissioned Nuclear site with all of the land involved, we are going to be in this for a while.
This was probably one of the most productive weekends in a long time, next weekend being void with the first Yankee Saturday game.

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