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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rain much needed

As much as I would rather have sunny warm weather, the rain is a welcome site. The ground was a little dry and with one day of rain it seemed the size of many flowers doubled.....along with the grass! I can see blooms that will be ready right in time for Mother's Day, a nice stroll around the yard to view the color and hopefully nice weather for that day. They have been forecasting good weather for this coming weekend which is our first NYY game of the season, looking forward to it.
So what have we planted in our vegetable garden? A few things such as peas, Easter egg radish, lettuce and carrots. I am going back and planting a second crop Wednesday to ensure a second wave of veggies and also utilize more of the space.
For all of you wondering why no pictures, I am still waiting on my computer to be fixed, hopefully this week some time.

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