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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why do you blog

Mom blogs, parenting blogs, personal blogs, what do you get out of them? Help? Advice? A feeling that you are not alone in having the same actions written about what has happened to you? Something to read about and have an affiliation with?

For the blogger it is about caring about what you say, being responsible for your words and posts. Not everyone has to agree with you. The comments are what bloggers like to see, whether negative or positive. It is when they get beyond negative, brash, personal and name pointing that is unnecessary. Hence this is when most of us bloggers have the option to strike the comment even before it hits the blog.

Writing about what you feel and what you stand for is important. We all know what the hot topics are which drive heated arguments. The topics of politics and religion will always bring on personal preferences, how you live your life and ideals. Sports can also be lumped into these topics as many fans have a loyalty to certain teams, also a dislike to other teams.

I admit it....I often stay away from the hot topics. Why you might ask? Maybe to keep this blog about the simple things in life that make me happy. Family, food, gardening, in no particular order but all intertwined together. We all have our own beliefs, ideals, I might as well point out my affiliation to those hot topics. I am baptised Catholic, I go to a Congregational church affiliated with my husband and my daughter has been baptised in this church. I am a moderate Republican(leaning to more conservative), heavily involved in local politics. I am also an avid New York Yankee fan, watch every game and feel lost during the off season, counting the days until the first Spring training game! Every once in a while I post about them. I am open to arguments, or what I would prefer to call constructive conversations.

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Michele Horne said...

Yeah, we might have to fight about this whole Yankees thing!