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Monday, May 17, 2010

ADHD linked to pesticides

This morning, NBC reported there is a link between ADHD and the use of pesticides on fruits and vegetables. The statistics are high for children who live on the farms being exposed, but these are for children who do not.
Organo phosphate, a man made pesticide has been linked in residue left on fruits, frozen is pointed out. You do not see organic when it comes to frozen fruits. Also you cannot just wash this away, it stays on and as you may flush it out of your system, in growing infants, it can still subside in the system. The fruit that amazed me as having the highest amount is frozen blue berries! Last year I went blueberry picking at a local farm and froze the berries after washing them. This year I will be asking them if they used this pesticide on the plants. I know my plants have no pesticides on them, and I am thinking I will be planting more bushes!
Some of the suggestions in dealing with this situation is peeling fruit when you can, eat local fruit and veggies and what is in season. I can testify with the strawberries we have been getting in the past several months, they look great but have no taste which leads me to believe they are picked way too early and never ripe to get the flavor they should have. Just another reason to grow your own!

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