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Monday, May 24, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice Final

I admit at the beginning of this season I was not thrilled with this season's Celebrity Apprentice. It seemed they had the same style of tasks and the group was not too thrilling to me. I even figured Bret would be out within a couple of weeks. I was wrong.
I continued to watch, this is the only reality show I will watch, and became hooked more and more. With all of the media surrounding Bret with his medical issues, it just seemed inevitable that he was going to be the one. Holly was excellent at fundraising, tasking and developing but she did not have the appeal that Bret had. I think everyone was just fascinated that he had more to him than the "rocker" appeal, his artistic capability went beyond music and he made it his mission to win, fighting for his life and his family.
I stayed up last night watching the last episode, even bypassing the Subways Series with Yankees/Mets(after the second home run from Jason Bay, I just kept the apprentice on). Again, Bret was creative and surprised me with no script for the commercials, making them up as he went along, working last minute and fumbling but coming out shining in the moment. So when he came out, live, he looked tired but ready for the final call. Donald did not fail us and gave it to him, Bret was hired. Thanks to Snapple for giving both Holly and Bret's charity $250,000!!!!! No one came out to be a loser here.

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