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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life takes a dramatic turn

Yesterday I received a phone call from a friend whom I worked with at Waterworks with devastating news. Our friend and former manager had been murdered along with her husband and another employee on Monday. They were found shot dead in their store. I just cannot understand why or how. The news article is here.
Staci Griffin was a fun, positive, motivating person whom always had your back and would do as much as she could to help you. She was ambitious always looking to strive for more. Anyone who called her a friend loved being around her. She had decided to leave Waterworks and open her own Boutique store in Tennessee then from their her family moved to Colorado to start another business, a stove/hearth store which she and her husband was extremely excited about. Their only daughter was the focus of both of their lives and Staci had always given as much as she could to her.
My relationship with Staci was always a good one, she always looked to ways of driving the business and we fed off of her. On a personal note, she was there for me when I had some rough times and always was there to listen. I think in the final year she was working with me, she had lost her spark and was ready to move on, reasons relating to company visions versus where she saw the business going. I agreed in many ways with her vision and we had worked to try and pursued the company. Needless to say, they went another way which I think was a downfall in their current business, causing some stores to be closed, missed opportunity in markets that were hungry for the product. Water under the bridge.....hmmm.
Reading the article about the incident, it stated the police went to the house to gather the pets. I immediately thought of Buster their Boxer who absolutely loved Sean. Where he went, Buster went. I can only hope whom ever takes care of the daughter, he goes too. When her Persian cat had kittens, we got our first cat from Staci, his name was Bailey and was a grey Persian. He was such a great cat, an incredible hunter and loved Hana. He did not make it a year without getting caught by a coyote.
I cannot imagine why this happened and can only feel pain for her daughter. It makes me think of how something like this situation can happen to anyone, anywhere. I found myself hugging my daughter more yesterday than ever and thinking what would she do without myself and my husband. Staci, you will be missed by all.

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An English Shepherd said...

How dreadful sounds like lovely people.

How very sad.