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Friday, May 14, 2010

Thinning out

This is not about dieting but about taking some of my plants out of the gardens and either moving them to another garden or giving them away.
Today was a threat of rain, thunderstorms and not the nicest day weather wise. I took the opportunity to raid my mother-in-law's garden of plants instead of going to my favorite garden shop, Acer's. I came home with a couple of bucket fulls of various flowers and wanted to get them in before the rain, am not the best at watering so this was a good opportunity. My daughter and I worked all morning planting the flowers and I also called over one of my nursery school friends to stop by and pick up a few iris' and wood sorrel. She got here about noon, heard one rumble of thunder and that was it! After lunch time, the sun broke out and felt humid upper 80's. so much for natural watering! I am off to water my plants before they wilt in the sun.

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