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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Apple Bottoms Clothing

I think my daughter has more clothes than I do, at least new clothing!  I find myself doing a lot more laundry since she seems to change clothes three times in a day from Pajamas, play clothes to something she may wear out and about.  Now I get to throw a new curve ball into the equation where she has started Nursery School.  She is just starting to get into the age where she gives an opinion on what she wants to wear.  Fine with me as long as it is not shorts in a snow storm!  The challenge is finding clothes that not only make our kids look clean and presentable, but clothes that the kids like and want to wear.  Time is also an issue to go out and shop for clothing.  I do not have a full time job, although it seems like it with all of the activities I have and finding the time to shop for me and my daughter can be limited.

Mom Select recently was given the opportunity to check out Apple Bottoms, outfits by the children's clothing company of the Parigi Group.  I recognized the company from the Puma brand, something I remember as a kid having their sneakers.  The have clothing under different brands and age groups.  Apple Bottoms are for my daughter's age group and they are soooo cute!  As you can see in the picture, I received a pair of jeans with diamond pattern on the back pockets and a studded front pocket.  The shirt is short sleeve green and pink plaid(love the colors) and has a white undershirt attached underneath.  I cannot wait for my daughter to wear this on her first day of school this fall!  The quality is very good, the jeans are not thin and I love the fact the shirt has the under shirt with it.  My daughter was just excited to get this and of course was ready to wear it right away!
Mom Select has also given me a great opportunity for you to win an outfit!!! I have a girls 3 piece outfit size 3-6 months for a giveaway, as shown in the above picture.  Enter by posting a comment what your favorite brand is from the Parigi Group.  A random winner will be chosen on June 30th and posted on this blog.  Entries must be located in the continental United States and contact me within 48 hours by email with complete shipping information.

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Melissa said...

Gotta love Puma for adults and kids!

Deb Cieri-Munster said...

Big fan of DKNY kids...how can you not be?