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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My daily fix

Do you have something that you feel you have to have or do daily? There are a few things that I find myself needing everyday. Here are my top 10.

1. A cup of coffee - Having lived in Maui, I miss the coffee from there so I do not cheap out on it now.
2. My Busy Body Book - I cannot go anywhere without this. It keeps me organized and sane!
3. Work in my gardens - I have to go out and pull weeds. This is no burden, it is love! I even find myself doing it when I go over to friends or family.
4. Hugging my daughter - I do not know what I will do the day she says "no mommy".
5. Call my mom on the phone.
6. Check email - I think this is why I resist getting an iphone, I would be emailing all of the time!
7. Use my camera - I love to take pictures, thanks to my husband for buying me a new one for my 40th!
8. Watch a Yankee game. - During the off season I am lost!
9. Knit - I have to do some knitting at the end of the day, a calming action for me.
10. Listen to Frank Sinatra and WFAN sports radio. I put these together since I find myself only doing this in the car and my daughter often takes over the music portion of the car. My time is limited to do these.

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