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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sun Palace

We did it......we pulled the trigger and bought a playset.  Costco had a great deal on a Gorilla playset and it was delivered by tractor trailer last week Wednesday.  Watching a tractor trailer attempt to dull down my narrow country road and back down my driveway was fun, the driver did a great job.  One dropped on it's pallet on the driveway, it stayed there until this past weekend.  My daughter did not know we had bought one, until the delivery when the picture was on the outside of every box!  I think she was rather patient since it took my husband, her grandfather and a friend of ours the whole weekend to put it together.  I am very happy with it, and of course my daughter also.  I think the installation was not that bad, I did have to make two trips to the hardware store for a few bolts missing but could have been worse like missing a major piece of beam! 
What did I like about this design?  A wooden set that was not made in China, heavy duty design, a wood covered roof, telescope, two swings, trapeze and rocker swing plus tire swing and rock wall.  I actually found myself saying that we could have gotten bigger, there was another design which had a split level up top but on backorder for another month.  Oh well, this one will do.  My daughter is already concerned about the "ha ha" bird(pileated woodpecker)coming and hammering a hole in it. 

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katy said...

I wish I had that when I was a kid.