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Monday, June 14, 2010


I hate paying my cable bill. It is outrageous and I always feel I am being ripped off. I do pay extra for HBO since we do not go out to the movies and I look forward to their mini series. One of the more recent series is Treme, stories set in New Orleans about 3 months after Katrina and how they are rebuilding their lives after the hurricane. Treme refers to one of New Orleans oldest neighborhoods of historical importance referencing African-American music and culture.
The cast is great form local musicians, John Goodman, Steve Zahn and guest appearance like Elvis Costello and more. The stories are all tied together since they are neighbors and how they rebuild the community and themselves from Katrina. With so many channels of junk on TV, this series different, interesting and makes me want to watch the next episode. It's beyond Bourbon Street, many places people do not realize exist.
If you have Comcast, the back episodes are on On Demand to catch you up. It airs Sundays at 10pm.

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