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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A trip to the ER

You might be wondering why I posted a picture of turkey's walking along my fence.  This was the beginning of my incident which led me to the emergency room. 
I have my parent's border collie Oreo staying with me until they get back from vacation.  Looking out my back door, I had seen the turkey's waling along my fence, called both of the dogs out of the house to give them a little chase.  It is fun to see them fly up in the air and look for cover while the dogs take one lap around the corral and in to play in a little Frisbee.  My husband is out at the garden with our daughter planting the final vegetables so I decided to give some play time to the dogs.  The fence is a cedar fence and the gate has to be locked in with the end of the fence.  Where the gate and fence meet both need to be repaired but to close the gate you have to push back the fence and bring the gate in.  When I pushed the fence back and brought the gate in, the gate slipped and the fence fell forward hitting me right on the forehead.  Of course I could feel the blood rushing down my face, ran for the house to get a cloth knowing the forehead bleeds the most and hoping for the best.  When I called for my husband, he checked it out(making sure we did not show our daughter) and when he winced, I knew it was not good.  We pretty much got this confirmed by a visit from his mother who stated I would need stitches.  A nice straight line in the center of my head starting at the scalp down, scaring is a guarantee. 
Went to the ER, waiting about an hour total and got 5 stitches.  I think my husband was more squeamish than me.  When they asked me the pain scale from 1-10, I said 3.  Must be from having a c-section, no big deal.  I was just lucky it was not my nose or eyes and no concussion!  Looks worse than what it is and good thing I like hats!

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katy said...

Maybe that will tighten your forehead like Botox. I would try the new product that is advertised to cover up scars. I dont remember the name.