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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You're Not the Boss of Me

If you are a parent, we all feel like our toddler is 4 going on to 14! The statements my daughter comes out with are so unbelievable that I find myself trying to keep a straight face or quick turning around not to show her I am holding my laughter in. I have gotten much better at keeping the straight face and containing myself. There are also days where I wish I had an answer to some of the situations that pop up or even help with one that occurs over and over again. I think I have found it in the new book You're Not the Boss of Me by Betsy Brown Braun.

Just within a few pages of the book I found myself saying "aha..." to situations that occur with my 4 year old daughter. An every day occurrence in our house is trying to get my daughter to talk about her day at school. My husband whom is at work all day and comes home hoping to enjoy some quality time with his daughter. At the dinner table, the question comes up "so what did you do at school today?". Can you guess what answer my daughter gave? The exact answer this book gave to this question....."nothing!". Wow, we are not alone out there. It is like pulling teeth to get her to talk about her day. The book You're Not the Boss of Me explained about how your toddler's day is basically hers and not much else is so she either wants to keep it private or she uses it as a control factor. When I read this, I caught myself laughing out load, leaning over to my husband and reading about this subject. So how to you get them to talk? You start talking about your day and what you did! So simple and yet did not even think of it. This gets your toddler wanting to tell you about their day and opening up. Did this theory work? We tried it the next day at the dinner table, not starting out the conversation with "what did you do at school today?" but instead "let me tell you what I did at work today...". What a difference, after she listened for a little bit, my daughter wanted to tell us all about who she played with, her teachers, snack and the playground. Wow, thanks Betsy!

You're not the Boss of me covers subjects such as teaching responsibility, building self reliance and losing the "Gimme" statement in your child. This book is an quick read, good reference and I can say I have found myself realizing that I have more power than I ever realized to shape my daughter's behavior. It also makes you realize that little things you do which you may think they are not paying attention to.....they are! You may just roll through a stop sign you pass by every day and yet you tell your child that stop signs mean stop and look all ways. My daughter did say to me the other day "Mom...there was a stop sign and you did not stop!". My bad and yes she corrected me along with the book!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Harper Collins and received a copy of You’re Not the Boss of Me to facilitate my review. Mom Central also sent me a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate

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