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Monday, July 26, 2010

i did it........

I think I spend less time on my computer now than a year ago.  For this reason I have been staying away from updating my cell phone to the new iphone, knowing full well that it may increase the time I spend or it could just streamline my time even more. 
Last week my husband lost his phone and we have been out of contract for a year.  When he asked me if I wanted a new phone, I was still hesitant.  Then he came home with the iphone for himself, telling me he ordered the iphone 4 for me.  My daughter was excited for the new phone since he quickly surfed the web and brought up Curious George videos and games.  I do not think he realizes that she will be demanding him to do this more often than he wants to.  I admit it, the new phone is very cool and easy to use and I am looking forward to posting right to my blog site!  His birthday was yesterday and I ordered a skin cover for him, New York Yankee simple design, not too flashy. 
Of course I had to order one for my phone and I gave my daughter a choice of either Hello Kitty or Derek Jeter #2, wouldn't you know that she picked Derek Jeter! 

Very cool!

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