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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ice cream cake gone above and beyond

My husband's birthday was this past week and he ALWAYS asks for an ice cream cake.  Usually his mom makes it but somehow I got the task.  So when  asked him what ice cream he wanted, he requested a three layer and homemade knowing we have the ice cream maker to do this.  the three layers requested were blueberry, chocolate and strawberry with chopped oreo cookies in between the chocolate layer.  This cake process took me three days due to the three types to be made and with high humidity, it was not easy.  The easiest part of the cake was the whip cream outside layer which I finished on the last day.  It was excellent but way too much work. Next year, two layers only!

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1 comment:

katy said...

I don't know about the flavor combination. That sounds like a lot of work. I hope dh had a good birthday.