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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Passing on the Legacy

It may have been the house that Ruth built, but George Steinbrenner made it a legacy.  With his passing yesterday, what might have been an occurrence that was foreseen, it was still a shock to many.  He was quite the business man, did have a sense of humor and was a caring person.  If you did not know about his humor, just watch Saturday Night Live in which he hosted or some of the commercials he has made with Billy Martin or the Derek Jeter Visa Commercial.  George did enjoy the spot light and realized it was a part of his life.

The stories always seem to come out after someone passes away, and with George Steinbrenner, they were being conveyed as soon as the news broke.  Many were about his compassion, whether it was a personal occurrence or how he donated so much to the community.  The stories do not surprise me, with a successful enterprise and devoted to his family, it only makes sense.  Many you did not hear about until now and some you knew.
I cried when he went out on the field for first pitch of the All Star Game in the old Yankee Stadium, how could you not if you are a fan.  It just seemed like the last time he would be there for the old stadium and maybe public appearance.  The ovation was wonderful, the players greeting him was making my eyes well up and it was what he deserved. 
If you are not a Yankee fan, than most likely you have cursed his name.  And why not, he spent the most, bought out many players under other teams who were trying for the same and had the money to pretty much do what he wanted.  I can only point it out as jealousy, because if you had him as an owner, it would be a different story.  He made a sorry franchise into a billion dollar business and set the bar for the rest. 
For the family, it had to have been very hard to see him ill for the past several years.  Our families deepest sympathy and he will always be remembered.

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