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Monday, August 23, 2010


What's your talent?  Everyone has one. I think it could be something you really enjoy doing, expressing yourself. 
My daughter walks around all day singing, it could be just playing with her little people and she is singing for each person or she just walks up to me asking a question by singing it.  She often uses songs she knows inserting new words or phrases.  Lately it has been "God Bless America", often heard at all of the Yankee games she goes to.  I hear her belting out in full voice "To the ocean...white with foaaaaaaam!"  I just have to laugh every time I hear it. 
You can have more than one talent which my daughter claims drawing is her second love.  I go through a lot of paper, many drawings make it up on to the fridge, each week I have to clear them off otherwise the magnets do not support all of the pictures.  Of course, some are better than others, when she is focused on what she is drawing it is amazing to see what she visualizes.  Her people drawings are what I love.
What's my talent? It might be knitting and photography.  Both of these I want to improve on but I to do both....when I have time.

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