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Saturday, January 16, 2010

What are you looking at!

The Mockingbird of the Caribbean....the Pearly-eyed Thrasher!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year's Eve in St. John

Blue Moon over St. John, what a beautiful night it was!

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A passion for this flower

I think the name of this flower fits the look. This is a Passion flower and it only blooms one day, which makes sense since it is so detailed, colorful and beautiful!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Peaking out of his whole on the beach to check up on us.....yup we are still here!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is this a New Year's Resolution?

I have decided to make it a challenge for me to weed out, thin out, cut down on the clutter in my home. The St. John vacation made me feel like less is best and I do not really need so much. I also want to take stock in what I really feel I do need, what my focus is, interests and where I spend more of my time doing. So is this a New Year's Resolution? I guess it could be but I and many other people cannot seem to keep these promises so I am not going to call it that. I guess I can call it a task, something else on the "to do" list.
When I told my husband that I was going to focus on this task, he of course agreed and was all for it. The problem is that I know I cannot do it when he is around. My first day back I tackled the cookbooks. I have three shelves of cookbooks, love to look at them and often reference for meals and baking. What I do know is that I have many I do not use and some that are out dated. My daughter wanted to help me so we pulled out all of the cookbooks and put back the ones I use and wanted, kept the ones I did not need in a pile. I managed to remove one whole shelf. Then my husband saw the pile of books and felt we needed to keep a few out of the pile, books we have NEVER used. Lesson learned.....do the task when he is not around and he won't know what he is missing.
Tomorrow, sort out the clothes, mine and everyone else in the house!

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Less is best on St. John and life

Staying at St. John for two weeks on vacation in a friend's home has definitely made me realize one thing.....less is best!
Less is best is used in the retail world when it comes to shelf space. When I worked for Coach, we would only have odd number handbags shown on a shelf for display and very few to see the detail, you do not need the sensory overload of showing so many at one.
When I packed one suitcase to include my clothes and my daughter's clothes, I had to be creative and sensible. You think you need so many pairs of shoes for two weeks, nope, I packed three pairs and the sneakers I had worn on the plane. I did over packed on the shoes, one less pair would have been better, never used one pair of shoes dressy flip flops. I also packed six shirts, two shorts, a throw on everyday dress and one dress if we went out. I over packed on the T-shirts but was right on the money with the rest. I wore the simple sundress the most and there was a washer/dryer at the place we stayed.
For my daughter, I had to find room for not only clothes(toddlers always need an extra pair of clothes every day) but some of her toys to keep her occupied. Toys that are compact, light weight since there is a 50 pound limit and that will last the whole trip. This is a challenge. Thank goodness she is not in diapers, they would have taken up too much room and are super expensive there! Two bathing suits, although three would have been better, she was constantly in the water either at the beach of the pool. I did pack two pairs of shoes, one which was a water shoe and another flip flops, which I found out did not fit her......drat! So she had one pair of shoes to use, which was fine, although a pair of crocs style slip ons would have been better.
My husband had a whole suitcase to himself and he is notorious for overpacking, which he did. I sent home a few more things in his suitcase since he left a week early and he had the room. Gave me a chance to go shopping and fit it in my suitcase.
The place we stayed at had bare minimum of things, if it wasn't there you made due with something else. The home was decorated with the same concept of 'less is best' but made to feel open, inviting and island like. My daughter did not have the loads of toys available, just a few she brought and pretty much no TV! There were 23 channels of crap instead of 400 channels of crap.......same availability just smaller number.
The beaches are all beautiful here, the people are very friendly, the prices of everything is what you expect to be which is expensive(I am use to that with Hawaii living). It was a wonderful time and we all went to bed exhausted every night, including my daughter! The downfall........the mosquito's!
What did I learn from this trip? I can live with much less than I have and plan on doing so.

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