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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ups and downs of winter

It is unbelievable that we went from 57 degrees on Monday to 8 degrees today! We are suppose to be having a mini heat wave in the 30's this coming week. Spring cannot come soon enough. What amazed me was Tuesday before we started to get the super cold temperatures, I walked my back yard and found mole runs with huge holes! They had started already! This makes me think it will be a tough spring with moles. No idea what they could have been eating. My cat Domino will be working overtime catching them this spring.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NFL and American Samoa Cont.....

I received an email from someone who inquired on my post about the NFL and American Samoa article via 60 Minutes. She did post a comment about the story but I thought I would also post her email for anyone who wants to help.

Hello, I found your post on the 60 Minutes segment. I am someone that was spurred to action after watching the show. I tired to post on your site but had a bit of trouble so it may not have gone through.

I have been in contact with the Governor’s office of American Samoa and am currently trying to gather donations of used sporting equipment to ship to them so they can distribute to the schools. They are in great need. The only problem I am running in to is finding football helmets. Used helmets are hard to come by because of safety concerns. This is the item that the Governor’s office has said they need the most. If you could help me by posting on your blog what I am trying to do and my contact information in case anybody out there reading it can help me find a way to get some new helmets donated, I would really appreciate it! We are trying to send things over next month.


My first thought was the issue of helmets and safety, no one wants to be liable for injury. Let's see if the NFL or the players that came from American Samoa contribute.

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