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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bitter sweet

I understand why they call this evasive weed this name, wrapping around another pant so close and choking the life out of it! It seems this year we have it out of control and everywhere! I spend the morning yesterday pulling, digging and cutting the horrible weed from my lilacs, maple tree and dog kennel. When I went to work in the afternoon, I pulled into the Town Hall right in front and there are three flowering trees at the edge of the parking lot being choked out by this weed, no one has done anything about it this year. I think I may have to take a day and go there to just clean the trees up. This is what all our residents see when they pull in to the parking lot, something not taken care of in the past and it seems the present. It may not be on the priority list but it is still important.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Tea Party side note

My daughter attended the Tea Party yesterday dressed as a ferry princess waving her magic wand to make the state debt disappear! Just goes to show that this does not work and the debt is still here! I will let my daughter still believe in fairy princesses......

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A fresh coat is a fresh start

This week has been school vacation so my daughter follows the same schedule for nursery school. the school took advantage of the time off and we decided to paint the interior of the school. We think the last time it was painted was around 1978, the church where the school is located had a fire and burned down around this time.
This task had a wonderful organizer, Marie, who planned out the group of volunteers each day. We were ahead of the game on Monday when we thought we would only be prepping all day, we managed to get one coat on the walls and a start on the doors. By the way, we had 10 doors to paint and thankfully we had beautiful weather to do this outside along with quality paint applying only one coat! We had to choose a color which the church approved, a very light blue on the walls with a colonial blue trim which was already there.
Thursday was the day of clean up placing everything back together. What a big difference and what a great job everyone did! Wish I had a picture to show you but we all know that a simple paint job makes a huge difference in looks and feel.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day & Tea Party Day

Welcome another year of the deadline to file your taxes. Today there is also a Tea Party gathering at the Capitol. I went last year and was surprised to see how many showed up. It will be interesting to see how many show up this year with the economy change. The state would not allow them to fly the "Don't Tread on me"flag due to the political connotation. I am sure there will be several at the rally.
I usually end up sending the taxes in on the last day. Like many other people, we push it off until last minute.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Opening Day at Yankee stadium

Yesterday was Opening Day at Yankee Stadium and they gave out their World Series rings. I had been working outside trying to clean up some of the tree trimmings we had done over the weekend, plant peas and clean out my lilacs around the garage. I wanted to see the opening ceremonies and was able to see the highlights on line of Matsiu receiving the ring and the team hug he received.
As for the rings, loved the jokes played on Swisher and Matsui receiving rusty rings. The real ones are pretty amazing looking. My aunt works for the company who made the rings and actually had Derek Jeter's ring in hand, do you thing I got a call to take a look at it? Nope, found out after the fact when they were shipped out. That was a bummer!
Saturday is the first Weekend home game which my husband is going with his buddies. Weather is suppose to be cold in the upper 40's with rain showers.......have fun! I usually wait until May for the fist game to go to. Glad I stayed with that decision.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Productive weekend

If I had a picture, I would post it. But since I am still dealing with computer issues, I have to just paint a picture with words.
Saturday morning when attempting to start some laundry I noticed the water was loading pretty slowly into the washing machine. then when I turned on the faucet, no water. The pump has been kicking on at a very low psi and stopping at over 80 psi, we knew something needed to be checking. My husband had to not only fix one pump, but fix the backup pump that was not working at all. He managed to get both working by 1pm, amazing to me since both had issues. The gunk that was tied up in them was just ugly. Good job on his part.
The next task was prepping to take a major tree down in the back yard behind the garage. We had to clear out all of the junk around it and find new homes for the garden stakes and equipment, take wood fence down that was rotting and pull some posts out. The next day we had a friend over and got the tree down and trimmed out within two hours, impressive. My daughter managed to help picking up all of the twigs and discarding them. With this tree gone, the hemlocks have more room and there is more sun behind the garage. It may also have effected the blueberry bushes where there is more sun for them, much needed! We still have to cut up, split and stack all of the wood but the brush is gone and the tree is all in one spot.
Sunday afternoon I went to a fundraiser for Connecticut Yankee Conservation Plan, to preserve the former Nuclear site across the river from us as a nature preserve. Complex campaign with a small organization taking it on. Maine had the last decommissioned Nuclear site with all of the land involved, we are going to be in this for a while.
This was probably one of the most productive weekends in a long time, next weekend being void with the first Yankee Saturday game.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why do you blog

Mom blogs, parenting blogs, personal blogs, what do you get out of them? Help? Advice? A feeling that you are not alone in having the same actions written about what has happened to you? Something to read about and have an affiliation with?

For the blogger it is about caring about what you say, being responsible for your words and posts. Not everyone has to agree with you. The comments are what bloggers like to see, whether negative or positive. It is when they get beyond negative, brash, personal and name pointing that is unnecessary. Hence this is when most of us bloggers have the option to strike the comment even before it hits the blog.

Writing about what you feel and what you stand for is important. We all know what the hot topics are which drive heated arguments. The topics of politics and religion will always bring on personal preferences, how you live your life and ideals. Sports can also be lumped into these topics as many fans have a loyalty to certain teams, also a dislike to other teams.

I admit it....I often stay away from the hot topics. Why you might ask? Maybe to keep this blog about the simple things in life that make me happy. Family, food, gardening, in no particular order but all intertwined together. We all have our own beliefs, ideals, I might as well point out my affiliation to those hot topics. I am baptised Catholic, I go to a Congregational church affiliated with my husband and my daughter has been baptised in this church. I am a moderate Republican(leaning to more conservative), heavily involved in local politics. I am also an avid New York Yankee fan, watch every game and feel lost during the off season, counting the days until the first Spring training game! Every once in a while I post about them. I am open to arguments, or what I would prefer to call constructive conversations.

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