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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nicorette Shark Commercial

Has anyone seen this add? I cannot watch it, it is so disturbing to me that I have to look away! Youtube has it labeled funny, I cannot find the humor in it.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dove Visibly Smooth and the Red Carpet

The walk on the Red Carpet for the Oscars may be over for this year but you can feel like you walk it every day! What am I talking about? I am talking about your deodorant! You don't think that they focus on this with all of the fancy strapless dresses and dazzling jewelry? Oh yes they do! Dove Visibly Smooth is the look and feel of walking the Red Carpet every day!

I wanted to have a "viewing party" for my knitting gals, choosing a movie that was not new but a classic for all, Breakfast at Tiffany's. We are all moms, a little indulgence once in a while is needed to recharge our fire. We had champagne mimosas for the beginning of the movie, the breakfast theme of course, cosmos and topping it off at the end with some coffee drinks. The food spread was worthy of Oscar time...smoked Salmon, shrimp and summer rolls were just some of the choices. What is a party without desserts which was a chocolate torte with raspberry sauce, sugar cookies in the shapes of fancy shoes and chocolate covered strawberries. Just for fun, we all brought a piece of jewelry from home that we wanted to swap for another. We had them in bags, everyone got to pick a bag at the end of the movie and we pulled out the jewelry to take a look at our new pieces. What fun to see something new and a great way to recycle! Everyone also got a new piece of jewelry to bedazzle themselves and a sample of the Dove Visibly Smooth anti-perspirant deodorant.
It was a wonderful night out of food, laughter, friendship and a little something to take home. Just what we all need to revitalize ourselves.
I wanted to find out what my friends thoughts were of the Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant they received and all had positive feedback. Kristin stated she loved the feel of it and it was like she had nothing on! Deb loved the scent, fresh and not too strong which some make you feel like you have a perfumed fog around you! I liked the fact that Dove Visibly Smooth minimizes the look and feel of underarm hair overtime, something that is a great concept!

Interested in trying a sample? I have FIVE samples to give away to readers!!!! The first five people who post of what type of Red Carpet Party/ Girl's night out Party you would have will receive a sample of the Dove Visibly Smooth Anti-perspirant. You must have a mailing address within the United States and email me your your mailing address by April 29th.

To participate in the Dove Visibly Smooth VIP program, I was provided with five (5) product samples to giveaway on my blog as well as ten (10) product samples for my guest and ten (10) necklaces for the guests. Dove provided me with these items so I could organize the event myself and without any influence from Dove.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rain much needed

As much as I would rather have sunny warm weather, the rain is a welcome site. The ground was a little dry and with one day of rain it seemed the size of many flowers doubled.....along with the grass! I can see blooms that will be ready right in time for Mother's Day, a nice stroll around the yard to view the color and hopefully nice weather for that day. They have been forecasting good weather for this coming weekend which is our first NYY game of the season, looking forward to it.
So what have we planted in our vegetable garden? A few things such as peas, Easter egg radish, lettuce and carrots. I am going back and planting a second crop Wednesday to ensure a second wave of veggies and also utilize more of the space.
For all of you wondering why no pictures, I am still waiting on my computer to be fixed, hopefully this week some time.

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