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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Swiper HAS swiped here....

For the past month I had a little farm stand table at the end of my driveway selling flowers, tomatoes and any other excess items from my garden.  The flowers were the hot seller and I priced them onloy at a $1 a bunch, mostly zinnias and snap dragons.  I had written on a sign to leave the jar and take a paper towel with tinfoil to wrap around the flowers.  I still lost several mason jars, recycled glass jars and a plastic cup(Rocky & Carlos from Louisianna).  But what took the cake was what got swiped recently.  I left at 9am last week to drop my daughter off at school.  I returned back by 11:00am and someone took my table that I used for my stand!  It was a nice little metal table, it was also a seat and it was gone! Several of my friends told me I should put a sign out saying "Return my table!" but I just have not done it.  I cannot tell you how mad I was seeing it gone, and my daughter asked me yesterday if I was still mad.......not as much now.  She blamed swiper on it.....

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The first week

This past week my daughter was not the same daughter I had a year ago.  I questioned whether it was too early to send her to school last year as she turned three in November.  She was quiet, did not talk much to the teachers and would cry when i left her at school.
What a difference a year makes, or even a summer!  This year she not only started the 4 year old Pre-k program at the same school three days a week but also started a special Pre-k program on the other two days at our regional school, which has her in school every day.
The first day of her return Pre-k was old hat to her, walked in and walked right off to play with everyone else. I was worried since one of her good friends she had last year was not there this year, not a problem.
Then the real test was a completely new school, new teachers and new kids.  I got her a new backpack, big enough to fit a folder and a new outfit.  She walked up with me, immediately went to her teacher and was off, not even looking back to me!  Wow.......never thought that would have happened!
The last hurdle this week was dance class, being left again for an hour with new kids and new teachers.  She could not wait to put on the ballet and tap shoes, picked out a lavender leotard and was ready to go.  I brought her there helped her with her shoes and she was off into the room.  Having done dance when I was a little girl, it was exciting to see her want to learn.
It is scary how quickly she is growing, I cannot wait to see what she learns next!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010