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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The first round of tests

I knew the blood work testing was going to come, no big deal.  Even my daughter had been going with me on all of the weekly blood work prior to becoming pregnant, surprised it did not seem to bother her.  this first test was new to me.  It was a 24 urine collection test.  What fun, never had to do this before.  I had to time it on a day that I was not going anywhere since you have to collect EVERY drop for 24 hours.  The lab gave me the equipment to do the collection and I thought to my self  "I am never going to fill this 3000ml container".......well I was wrong.  It shocked me to see I filled it without any problem.  This test was done to use as a baseline for the gestational diabetes which the test will be in a couple of weeks.  That test is the one I am hoping does not come out like my first pregnancy.

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