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Friday, February 11, 2011

Maternity Clothes

I am struggling with fitting into clothes right now.  None of my shirts fit, too small, and the maternity pants I had from my first child are two sizes too big.  I do not want to go out and buy brand new clothes because I feel it is a complete waste of money for such a short period of time.  I went through all of my previous maternity clothes I had saved and sorted them on what I was going to wear and what could be brought to a consignment store.  When I had my first daughter, I was working in a corporate job so my clothes were a little more expensive and well maintained.  I ended up bringing about 8 pairs of pants to be consigned and kept all of my shirts and two dresses. 
The hardest part of the maternity clothing for me has been finding pants.  It is pretty limited out there, even though it seems many more stores carry the clothing such as Gap and Target.  I have been living in the same pair of jeans now and ready to move on to some that are more comfortable.  I have had some success with ebay, finding the clothes at more than half the retail price.  I did find a black gap dress at the consignment shop for $10 and a spring/summer floral dress on ebay for $12.  You can't beat those prices!  I am also trying to prepare for a trip to Florida in March with appropriate clothing.  It should not be this difficult.

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