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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rediculous Wait Time

Took my daughter to the doctor this morning for checking on one issue she was complaining about, walked out of the office learning she had a double ear infection.  I would have never known since she did not say anything about them hurting until sitting in the exam room.  That was the quick part of the visit.  I had them fax the script in to my CVS, only a minute down the road.  Gave them 15 minutes from when we left the office to time when we walked in.  Spoke to the pharmacy and they had received it, stated 15 minutes which was not a problem.  After 20 minutes I heard one of the pharmacy workers stated my daughter's name and I walked up to the counter thinking it was ready.  She then stated it had not been done yet.  This was not good.  I complained to one of the cashiers when it was at 30 minutes, she checked and it was not done.  After 40 minutes waiting with a four year old who was not feeling good, hungry, tired and no patience left, I finally got the prescription!  They were not short staffed nor super busy.  Just incredible poor customer service and I do not plan to go there again! I also plan on making a phone call to the corporate office.

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