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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Say it aint so Andy

On Friday February 4th, Andy Pettitte announced he will not be returning to baseball this year.  He had been toiling over this decision since last fall and it seemed he just did not have it in him to try one more year.  Probably a good thing since if he did return and have a bad year, not so sure the NYY fans would be able to accept it and give him a pass.  He is loved by many and I think it is his personality which seems sincere.  He is one of my favorite players and when the Yankees let him go to Texas, I was crushed, could not understand why they did it. They even had many pitchers, whom made no mark with the team, wear his number.  When he came back, it was like he never left.  Andy could power through a tough pitching game and you could be confident he was going to give over 100%.  He was a warrior, part of the "Core Four" and even though he was part of the Steroid era, I think that did not taint him.  Now I am waiting to see who will get his number or will the Yankees retire it. 
When telling my four year old daughter about his retirement, he comment to me was "how sad".  It is sad to not feel you can do what you so loved doing.

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