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Friday, February 4, 2011

This weather...doesn't help me.

I have to say it was much easier having my daughter during a time of year when I was able to go out walking every day.  The weekly snow storms(over 42 inches here right now) and record cold weather is not helping me this time.  I am at a loss and need to do something to give me more energy and strength.  The Farmer's Almanac sates that February is going to be harder than January......not quite sure what to expect there!  The doctor states 30 minutes a day of exercise, not happening right now.  I am looking at a few alternatives until the Spring thaw occurs.....when ever that may be!  One is Yoga, I can do this at home, my daughter loves the idea also of doing it with me.  The other is looking at the Wii Fit, another way both me and my daughter can get some activity in daily.  I just may do both to get some variety.  I am going to consult my doctor on both of these this week. 

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