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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What a weather day....

Sleet over night, turning into freezing rain and heavy rain all morning, it was disgusting!  I found myself outside in the rain chipping ice away from the cellar door creating a drainage ditch away from the house since it was starting to come in the cellar.  Then shop vacuuming the cellar every couple of hours, still coming in after the rain stopped with temps dropping to the teens.  Also the other fun find was a flooded window sill in the upstairs bedroom, ice on the window and iced up inside the sill.  The gutters are so ice jammed up that the water was dripping into the window.  I had to hang out the window and get rid of the giant icicles and push the ice on the lower roof away from the house. 
My driveway is one long piece of ice with water underneath, a big mess.  The good news for today was the ground hog "Chuckles" and "Punxatonie Phil" both stated an early spring.  Although I cannot imagine all of this snow melting until end of April.

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