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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rediculous Wait Time

Took my daughter to the doctor this morning for checking on one issue she was complaining about, walked out of the office learning she had a double ear infection.  I would have never known since she did not say anything about them hurting until sitting in the exam room.  That was the quick part of the visit.  I had them fax the script in to my CVS, only a minute down the road.  Gave them 15 minutes from when we left the office to time when we walked in.  Spoke to the pharmacy and they had received it, stated 15 minutes which was not a problem.  After 20 minutes I heard one of the pharmacy workers stated my daughter's name and I walked up to the counter thinking it was ready.  She then stated it had not been done yet.  This was not good.  I complained to one of the cashiers when it was at 30 minutes, she checked and it was not done.  After 40 minutes waiting with a four year old who was not feeling good, hungry, tired and no patience left, I finally got the prescription!  They were not short staffed nor super busy.  Just incredible poor customer service and I do not plan to go there again! I also plan on making a phone call to the corporate office.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

This weather...doesn't help me.

I have to say it was much easier having my daughter during a time of year when I was able to go out walking every day.  The weekly snow storms(over 42 inches here right now) and record cold weather is not helping me this time.  I am at a loss and need to do something to give me more energy and strength.  The Farmer's Almanac sates that February is going to be harder than January......not quite sure what to expect there!  The doctor states 30 minutes a day of exercise, not happening right now.  I am looking at a few alternatives until the Spring thaw occurs.....when ever that may be!  One is Yoga, I can do this at home, my daughter loves the idea also of doing it with me.  The other is looking at the Wii Fit, another way both me and my daughter can get some activity in daily.  I just may do both to get some variety.  I am going to consult my doctor on both of these this week. 

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice damn...........

Another fun day on the ice ranch........found myself thawing out three windows today using a hair dryer.  The water is dripping down from the ice jammed gutters of the house and in to the window sills.  This was the morning project. 
I then went out to the garage to get some tools and on my first attempt to lift the door it does not budge, tweaked my back.  Decided to try the other door....no deal.  Had to call in my father-in-law to come over and chip/salt me out.  I have a feeling this is going to be a regular occurrence.

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The questions keep coming

My four year old daughter has had questions since we told her she was going to be a big sister.  Here are some of the questions and I will be posting them as they come day by day. 

1.  How did you get the baby in your stomach?
2.  When is it coming?
3.  Can I play with him or her?
4.  Does it eat what you eat?
5.  How does it go to the bathroom?
6.  Does the baby like juice?
7.  What will we name him or her?

One of my favorite statements though was "Daddy opened up your belly and put the baby in you?".  I told her it was a little more technical than that but we did not need to go into that right now. 

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What a weather day....

Sleet over night, turning into freezing rain and heavy rain all morning, it was disgusting!  I found myself outside in the rain chipping ice away from the cellar door creating a drainage ditch away from the house since it was starting to come in the cellar.  Then shop vacuuming the cellar every couple of hours, still coming in after the rain stopped with temps dropping to the teens.  Also the other fun find was a flooded window sill in the upstairs bedroom, ice on the window and iced up inside the sill.  The gutters are so ice jammed up that the water was dripping into the window.  I had to hang out the window and get rid of the giant icicles and push the ice on the lower roof away from the house. 
My driveway is one long piece of ice with water underneath, a big mess.  The good news for today was the ground hog "Chuckles" and "Punxatonie Phil" both stated an early spring.  Although I cannot imagine all of this snow melting until end of April.

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The first round of tests

I knew the blood work testing was going to come, no big deal.  Even my daughter had been going with me on all of the weekly blood work prior to becoming pregnant, surprised it did not seem to bother her.  this first test was new to me.  It was a 24 urine collection test.  What fun, never had to do this before.  I had to time it on a day that I was not going anywhere since you have to collect EVERY drop for 24 hours.  The lab gave me the equipment to do the collection and I thought to my self  "I am never going to fill this 3000ml container".......well I was wrong.  It shocked me to see I filled it without any problem.  This test was done to use as a baseline for the gestational diabetes which the test will be in a couple of weeks.  That test is the one I am hoping does not come out like my first pregnancy.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back on the blog!

Gone for over four months, I decided to come back on February 1st, 2011.  Let me say first Happy New Year to all.  I needed a break and today was the first day I wanted to get back on and start posting.

What's new?  My big news is I am 14 weeks pregnant.  This is definitley going to be good blogging material since I have some challenges.  My age is the biggest factor since I am 41 and will be having this baby at age 42.  I knew I would be getting the lectures from all of the OBGYN's on the risks of my age, was willing to take it.  The other issues  involved are prior history with being pregnant with my daughter.  I had gestational diabetes, pre-clampsia and also had her a month early and her genetic testing had come in pretyt high for down syndrome(which turned out to be negative).  This is going to all be watched even closer on this pregnancy.  A little older, a little wiser, a little easier listening to all of the negative information from the doctors. 
Follow me on this interesting journey of day by day experiences.

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